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A fumbling politeness the difference saved me...

For some reason, this song has hit my internal loop. I don't know, could it be that I appreciate some small gestures? Do I not have much trust in people's motivations?

Eh, maybe it's just a combination of post New Year's stupor--or too much egg nog.
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Is it b0rked? I had thought I had broken it, but it does not seem to firing for a few people.

This, of course, works to the advantage of those that loathe Twitter updates on people's LJs. So, I suppose I'll Tweet and post as well.

I was driving to my meeting this morning and thought about a bit I'd read about Michael Stipe eating cherries and listening to Patti Smith's Horses late into the night until he about threw up. There hasn't been music that I have been able to listen to that way--not in a nauseated manner, but just a CD that I'd be able to just dive into completely. Some examples: R.E.M.'s Murmur (which I would still like to buy in its newest incarnation), The Smiths' debut CD, The Sundays' Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. These, of course, are just a few that I listened to and listened to over and over again--amazingly not ruining my copies of them. Descendents' I Don't Wanna Grow Up was another--which I just thought about, because I've really been enjoying Christmas Vacation again. If I recall, I think one of the first Black Flag cassettes I ever purchased was around the same time (in Gatlinburg, TN of all places). In any case, I kept thinking that there just isn't music that I throw myself into like that anymore.

Sure, there are songs I'll really find appealing, but whole CDs? No. Not really. Not that I can think of?

Is it me? Have I crossed another line into practicality that I hardly ever find new music to praise?

What about you? What music shaped and defined you? If you had to think, would there be anything out there like that nowadays?

Perhaps I'm just subconsciously fishing for new music to check out, but I really am curious.
Mar. 4th, 2008 05:13 pm

Aw, man...

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R.I.P. Gary Gygax...
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Facebook (actually the Compare People app generated) automated e-mail such as the one below sure do NOT make my Friday.

Social News for February 29, 2008

Here is what your friends think about...

... your strengths:

most absentee
best dancer

... your weaknesses:

most adventurous

Other social news

Changes in your ranks:
1 place down, now #5 merriest
1 place down, now #12 best dancer
2 places down, now #12 most absentee
2 places down, now #15 hardest worker
1 place down, now #17 most attractive

So, I'm merry yet unhappy? Actually, I can definitely see that. I do have my mood swings that jump out of some sort of emotional singularity field that I generate around me.

Most absentee? Geez, I didn't realize my tendency to be distant was so obvious.

But best dancer? I wonder who's seen me dance? Is there some sort of Server Monkey YouTube dance video out there that I am unaware of? Unless, of course, someone counts WoW dancing. I do a lot of that.
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Got it right. When it rains, it pours.

Our older Kia has had the following things go wrong:

  • Foudn a nail in the front passenger tire's sidewall--typically no big deal, but when I went to change the tire one of the lug nuts snapped off...we got this fixed...

  • A/C does not cool off, except for the morning times when things are typically cooler

  • Brakes don't feel right--they stop fine but just don't seem right

  • And today, decided to put the windows down since it was hot and the A/C is temperaturemental, the rear drive window won't go back up. The motor clunks and that's it...

Jun. 21st, 2007 12:46 pm


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I don't know which is more long ago it was that I saw Iron Maiden and Ace Frehley in concert at the Hollywood Sportatorium--in support of the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album, I believe--or the fact that I actually went to go see the show. Hey...I was a Teenage Dirtbag.

Oh my GOSH! I just found out what date that was: 5 August 1988!

I the 'net!
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Apparently had me in stock last night.

Yes, I can be a total heel, despite my seemingly nice personality. Sometimes the littlest things just set me off--though it's no excuse.

So, now I feel badly about my behavior to certain people last night and need to make it up to them.
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It's been a long few days. I did have a pretty good birthday, which I will have to write about sometime soon.

Throughout what's been going on, I've managed to not be too emotional. I didn't even really know what to do when being hugged by someone that was crying.

Heck, I even did alright when Abby showed me a picture she drew of Heath yesterday afternoon as I picked her up from school.

It wasn't until we were on our way home and she asked to hear the frog song (translated: The Rainbow Connection) and it played for a little bit that I began to tear up a bit--a lot.
Mar. 1st, 2007 02:31 pm

Thank you

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Thank you for your kinds words and sentiments.

I read another article about Heath a few moments ago, and I just can't wrap my mind around it. I cannot imagine what others that spent infinitely greater amounts of time with Heath must be going through.

Rachel and I are still processing it, but I don't think it's fully hit us.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.
Feb. 16th, 2007 11:08 pm


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So today was my last day of work at my previous place of employment. I think things were made easier since it is not as if I am moving many many miles away from friends for my new job.

It was an odd day, as only my department head, some student workers and I were there. About half the department called in for different reasons. A reception was held for me, and was very nice--though I must admit it is an odd thing to be the center of attention (despite liking life is filled with strange dichotomies). My day was a short one, as I was done at 1:30 in the afternoon. Despite the small amount of hours I put it today, it was really really busy.

The day was made even more odd because Rachel and I had to go to a funeral for the husband of the student intern she had last semester. On February the 12th, Shane Odell Burrus died suddenly, leaving behind his wife Tina, four sons and extended family. It was absolutely shocking, to put it mildly and to say the least. The service was very well done, but I have to say that it was absolutely heartbreaking when his sons went up to the casket to see their father. Even thinking about it while writing this is making me tear up. As usual, I cannot imagine what that family must be going through now.
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So, while sitting here watching tonight's episode I leaned over and asked Rachel, "Did your family refrigerate Pepto Bismol too?"

She said they did and it got me to wondering if that's what the majority of people did as well. Just wondered.

So, I got a bit happy with the ml_ipod plugin for Winamp and borked up my iPod's database. So, I went into panic mode, but still tried to maintain some hope and searched around online. Tried a couple of things and was somewhat hopeful with MediaMonkey. Sadly, all my hopes were for naught and I called it yesterday afternoon at about 3:15 p.m. or so. In a dash of bittersweet reality, I had just gotten rid of the majority of my songs on my work desktop and never did fully back up my iPod to my home desktop. In a way, I only brought it upon myself since I didn't backup like I should have.

It's really odd to be down to 1,200 songs from 12,000 songs, with little to no R.E.M. or The Smiths on it. So odd indeed.
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Is getting out of control...and really, it's more totally white than gray and as such shows up very clearly in my mostly black head of hair.

Yeah, I'm going to be getting some sort of skunk stripe, I'm sure.

Kill me if I start using Grecian Formula. Thanks.
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Have any of you seen the Insinkerator? I sat and rewound the TV spot for it a couple of times today. It's powerful enough to grind through a bunch of celery, or the top of a freshly cut pineapple, or perhaps a whole ham. Maybe even body parts. If only Stephen King had held on to The Mangler as a title for a bit longer, though I suppose The INSINKERATOR would work fine for a novella. Okay, maybe just a short story.

After a few months of just getting by using clippers that Rachel and I bought a while ago, I finally broke down (at her insistence) and got a haircut tonight. I usually find comfort in seeing the friendly blue jar of Barbicide that typically sits on the barber's/stylist's counter top. While there wasn't any sitting out, there was a similar though most likely inferior product sitting out that wasn't nearly as comforting. Perhaps it was the fact that its gray color made it look like dirty dish water, which doesn't make sense as I am quite fond of gray in my layout. Not only do I like the friendly blue color, but I like to sit and imagine barber on other barber violence--seeing as the product's name is Barbicide and all. These little thoughts keep me entertained whilst I try to avoid barber/stylist small talk, which I am terribly clumsy at. Well, it's not so much small talk with a barber per se, but just small talk period.

Rachel jokingly suggested that I should get a perm. Unfortunately, the joke wasn't as humorous to me since my mother, in a gesture of non-lovingness, actually did force me to get a perm sometime between fifth and sixth grade. I suppose I should be thankful that the idea did not occur to her later in my what passed for a social life stages. For a while there, I was known as Johnny Mathis--which didn't bother me too much...he was a singer, so that was okay by me. It didn't occur to me until some time later that the nickname wasn't meant as a compliment. My hair was MUCH curlier than Mr. Mathis' hair. I also did not have gold and platinum records to make up for my curliness.

No, I did NOT get a perm tonight.


Lastly, I finally watched From Here to Eternity--the Oscar winning 1953 film and not the 1979 made for TV mini-series (has anyone else seen that one?). Sadly, I didn't actually watch it all the way through in one sitting, but over three different sittings. While I did sit mesmerized by the thing, I have to shamefully admit that when I saw Claude Akins I thought, "Oooh, he was Sheriff Lobo in B.J. and the Bear!" Yes, I watched that show during its initial least I think I remember doing so.

Okay, I'm off to pretend I'm something akin to normal.
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I hate when I buy things and forget I'd put them in the shopping cart undercarriage--or whatever you call that.

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it annoys the [expletive of your choice deleted] out of me.

While Rachel was graceful enough to remind that it was, after all, only $3.50 I'm still pretty angry at myself for being so stupid.
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So, perhaps the LJ blocking done by our filter was some sort of error? I only say that since I'm now able to log in and actually get to my friends page, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Glad for it, but keep thinking it'll go away again. We'll see, I suppose.

So, have made an appointment to have my teeth extracted. Next Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Could have had it done this morning at 9:30 a.m. but didn't think that short of a notice would go over too well (it didn't actually). The thing is that I've not spoken to anyone that's had teeth extracted and NOT had a tough time with it. Would it be possible to will myself to be better faster? With any hope, that will be what happens.

Brought in some cake to share with the co-workers and could only think to label it: "Eat and be merry." Last week, I labeled the snacks brought in: "To serve man." I don't think anyone really got it. Same thing with the "Share and enjoy" label I made for something else.

Apparently, we bring a LOT of stuff to eat to our office.

Oh, and iTunes, you're so funny, playing Dr. Feelgood whilst I write an entry on tooth extractions. Hmmm.
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I am thankful that Rachel's parents are always around to help us out.

Just got the Kia looked at and fixed. It ended up being a little bit over $200.00 for the repair. Not bad, but not really what we wanted to spend money on right now, you know? Haven't driven it yet, but Jerry (Rachel's dad) said it drove very well on the way down.

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Six months flew by.

Also, I really need to request more memory for the desktop PC in my office.
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My thoughts and prayers are with those that are in Katrina's path, as well as those that have already endured it and are in the process of cleaning up.

Someone I know has just had an enormous loss. I won't go into too many specifics, but have been thinking about them as well.
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C'est la vie. . .

Apparently, I do not make a good fit with State Farm, but, they'll keep my resume, blah blah blah. . .

It is something of a consolation that I did get a bit of additional pay a little while ago, and Rachel will be getting her raise and bonus, too. Still, rejection is rejection. At least it wasn't from a fool. That'd be cruel.

Also, Wanted on TNT is pretty violent. Just sayin'. And here I thought FX's Over There was brutal, which it is as well, but still.
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James Doohan (whom I didn't realize I shared a birthday with) has passed away.

Rest in peace.

EDIT -- Now it'll be even that much sadder to watch Relics (the ST:TNG episode with him in it).
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