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Well, just got back from a week up in western Pennsylvania and it was really quite amazing to have been up north for a "White Christmas"--more on this in a bit, though. As always, I have a few (maybe) observations to share.
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So, there you have it. All in all, a fun trip and quite educational to boot.
Dec. 4th, 2007 11:00 am


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Love Date: What Abby now refers to a night out that involves only Rachel and I...she emphasizes love as loooooove!

She's so funny.
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So after a recent post about our trusty Kia deciding to drop us none too subtle hints that it was on the way out of commission, Rachel and I decided to take a look around at some vehicles.

Monday evening we looked around, test drove two cars, and ended up deciding on a vehicle as well as filled out preliminary paperwork.

Tuesday afternoon, all of our paperwork was done and we signed everything that night.

So we now own, so to speak, a 2008 Ford Taurus, or as I like to tease Rachel our first steps into getting a Crown Vic. Hey, I might get Paulie Walnuts wings sometime, so...

We didn't get it in dark blue, but in a gold/champagne color.

Abby's still in mourning that we traded our mini-van in--and that was more than a year ago!
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Since I pretty much just ranted yesterday, I figured I'd follow up this morning by saying that today was entirely different experience.

I did not have togo to the main office, of course.

What's this new trend of destroying wedding dresses? MJ has done a twenty minute bit on it and I'd not heard about it--not that I really keep up with trends or anything.
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Doesn't mean I want to be talked down to, and really I have to say this is probably more a situation of me stressing and then adding more stress to it.

See, what happened this morning was that Jon and I were ready to head out to his first day of VPK. A quick aside, Abby will be at the same school that Rachel has started teaching this year.

So, Jon and I get to his room to find out we'll have to head to the office to fill out some registration paperwork. No big deal, but I distinctly remember doing this several months ago.

We walk across campus and walk into the cacophony that was the front office. Okay, I'll just follow the lead of the other parents who were sent up for the same express purpose. An office staff person proceeds to assist another VPK parent, so I politely tap her on her shoulder and ask--in what can be very clearly construed as English--"Excuse me ma'am, I'm also here with my son about VPK and need to fill out paperwork?"

She looks at me as if my head has transformed into a manifestation of Cthulhu itself and then begins a machine gun rattling off of commands to me. In Spanish. I mentally, if not physically, begin to twitch and very sternly--heck, I'm absolutely SURE I was rude--bark at her, "In ENGLISH!"

She paused for a moment and then kept speaking to me--in essence telling me that Jon is not on the list and I'll have to wait.

Minutes later, I run into the liaison that helped get us set up a long while ago at school (she too is puzzled because, see, we've filled out papers all the way back in oh, say, January) and another person calls out Jon's name. Jon's folder has been found and it is missing a proof of residence. While I am reading what forms of proof are acceptable and whipping out my wallet, said person yells, "It can't be a Driver's LICENSE!" To which I reply, "I know! I am getting my VOTER REGISTRATION CARD!"

What, people don't walk around with those in their wallets?

So, proof has been provided and we're told we are good to go.

I have to say, that experience didn't do a lot to set me at ease for Jon's first day of school. He did very well though, according to his teachers.

P.S. -- he's home telling Rachel, "I LOVE mah teachers!"
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Thanks to Jim Philips, I am now reminded of Carrot Top every time I see Jeanne Tripplehorn on Big Love.

Additionally, I am amused at the amount of people that really do believe in the "Keyunnel" (a tunnel from Fort Myers to Key West) every time Philips brings it up. He's been talking about it for I don't know how many years now, and there is always someone out that hasn't heard him do so.
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I'm off to Wal-Mart for supplies, since Rachel and the sun combined don't tan in as much as they burn--even with the SPF protection she had. It must have run out, I suppose

Abby and Jon tanned for the most part.
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I was patiently waiting in line to pay too much for the convenience of a Mountain Dew Code Red and a Nutty Buddy when the cashier rung up the customer in front of me. He had his fotie and a package of peanut butter cheese crackers.

"That'll be $2.40."
.: in a deep southern drawl :. "$2.40??!! Well ain't that s'posed ta be a dollar ninety-nine?" was the reply--accompanied with a look at the poor cashier like she had sprouted an invading army of soldier bugs from Klendathu.

She patiently pointed out to him that he also had the crackers and his items were taxable.

He paid and left, and I thought aloud, "He REALLY needed that drink."

I silently thought about how much I DID NOT miss working with the public.

Oh yeah, so, the Facebook marketplace and Twitter additions are pretty nifty. Nifty to me, anyway.

Before heading back to work, I had to stop off at Polka Dots, a local store that sells a bunch of cutesy stuff as well as performing monogramming on said cutesy items. On a previous stop there, I noticed three monogrammed keychains sitting in a group together. They, unfortunately, were arranged to read S T D. Today, only the T D ones were left.
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Abby has spent the majority of this week in Jacksonville with her Uncle Dean, Aunt Stacey and cousin Allie. Our niece Lindsey that lives nearby also went up to JAX.

There have been phone calls almost every day to say hi and keep us informed on what's been going on.

Allie just sent me a MySpace message on behalf of Abby. It was cute and I figured I'd share. So there.
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I can't believe I totally forgot to mention that Rachel, Abby, Jon and I (along with Rachel's parents) got to see "Weird Al" at Cypress Gardens last Sunday night.

Sadly, we only stayed for just over an hour of his show, but I had never seen him in concert, so I was pretty happy nonetheless.
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So Rachel and I had free two park tickets to Universal Studios, so we decided to take a run up there and see what Abby and Jon thought.

The weather was amazingly nice--only getting a bit warm when the sun chose to peek out from behind the clouds after noon.

We decided to take Abby and Jon into the E.T. ride, figuring they might like it--and since both Rachel and I have fond memories of E.T. and all. I do have to admit here that I saw the thing no less than seven (yes, SEVEN) times at the theater.Anyway, as it turns out, Abby and Jon were absolutely terrified at the ride. Have to say, I felt pretty badly about that. Guess we could have just followed it up with Jaws or something. We chose not to, though. Barney and Shrek went over well, as did the Seuss themed area in Islands of Adventure.

At some point, there was a guy that was a spitting image of Bernard Sumner in line for Cat in the Hat. He looked more like Bernard Sumner from the 80s though, so I'm sure it wasn't good ol' Barney. Or was it? Doubtful, but I can pretend.

On the way out of the parks, there was a group named Orange Avenue playing. They weren't too bad, and managed to convince some poor soul to dress completely in orange WITH orange body paint on his face. Yup. I took a pic of it and should post it somewhere sometime.

Last night, we also went a little bit nuts and decided to order a few things from Amazon--which we've never done before. We've been looking at a replacement Fuji FinePix camera--this will be our third, as we've like the ones we've had in the past (the A101 and A205). While I'd love to save up for a digital SLR, I know that's a long way off for me. Ended up deciding to go with the Fuji FinePix s700, for several reasons. Firstly, like I said previously, we've liked the Fuji cameras we've had and this one will probably be no exception. Since we've owned previous Fuji models, we already have XD cards--which only and Olympus seem to use (feel free to correct me, though, as I very well am mistaken). Nice thing is the the s700 will take either XD or SD cards. Additionally, Amazon had a code for a free Kingston 2GB SD card. While we were at it, we threw in a 55mm UV filter (another nice little feature of the s700 is that it can accept filters and some lens adapters...nifty!), an Anne of Green Gables DVD collection, and Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition (which I have been debating over for about three months now). So, that covers anniversary and Father's Day gifts. Whew.

If any of you do some Guild Wars stuff, let me know and I'll be in touch whenever I get set up--and whenever I'm past my n00b stages in it.

Lastly, I can't believe NS13 in KoL is less than 30 days away. I am very glad to have my main character have all level 13 class skills hardcore permed.
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Jon turns three today.

This weekend past was filled with festivities for his cousin Nicole's graduation on Saturday, then followed up with a party for his birthday on Sunday. This evening we'll be taking Jon, Abby and a couple of their friends bowling. We took Abby and Jon along for an after work bowling get together and they just absolutely LOVED bowling. They also have some tokens burning a hole in their collective pockets to use in the arcade.

Jon was stocked up on Thomas the Tank Engine and Cars goods, to put it mildly. Rachel, Abby and I found a Cars lamp, Cars laundry hamper, and Cars digital clock for his room.

A recording of Alec Baldwin yelling, "You are a rude thoughtless little pig!" over the Thomas theme music was NOT part of the party.

Later this week, Abby graduates from her class. She instantly recognized Pomp and Circumstance as we walked up to the ceremony for Nicole on Saturday and informed us that the same music was going to be used for her graduation.
Mar. 23rd, 2007 10:37 am


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So, I'm a bit slow on the uptake. mineral777Adam told me about Twitter some time ago, and I'm only now signing up for an account.

Yes, you too can keep up with the excitement and adventure that is my life--update by LIVE update.


Anyone else use it?
Feb. 9th, 2007 04:27 pm


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Now it's time for change.

After working at my current workplace for more than six years, I tendered my resignation this week. I will be leaving to work at the local offices of Insight. I have been searching for something else on and off for a little while, but the current opportunity with Insight has been the best of anything that I'd been looking into.

So, needless to say (but I do so anyway), I am VERY excited--heck, ecstatic even--to start my new job on the 19th.


Also, Abby has now lost her second baby tooth. I can't believe it, really.
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From time to time, people may wonder what it is that I do exactly.

You now need not wonder, as there's a blog about it here. Perhaps not altogether too exciting, but there it is nonetheless.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving; our family Thanksgiving went great, with not a hint of conflict--to my knowledge, anyway. The only main thing that was even just slightly stressful was the Ubuntu installation that I undertook. Really though, even that wasn't all that bad. Haven't been able to get a wireless NIC, or a NIC period, to work, but whenever I get some more time I'll get it going. I've managed to find some drivers, so I'll go from there.

Have been fighting off a nasty cold/cough of some sort since last week. The kids had it, Rachel had it, I've got it. I get a feeling it keeps mutating and reinfecting us. I hope not, but that's what goes on in the machinations in my head.

We also went without heat or air for about a week. We had a bit of a cold snap...well, as cold as it gets in Florida anyway, so I tried turning the heat on. Afterward, I tried the A/C. Nothing. Just some slight electrical humming, but no actual cooling or heating going on. Ended up calling a local place and made an appointment for yesterday morning. While I'm thankful that the bill was not in the thousands of dollars (it was 183.03, if I recall correctly), the labor and trip costs just boggled me. Cost of the part to get everything corrected? Four dollars and ninety five cents. Yup. But, it is working, so I am glad for that.

Rachel's pretty much got all the Christmas shopping done, except for the things that we'll buy for each other. Neither of us went to any 5 a.m. riots at any of the local stores--I braved Wal-Mart for some little stuff last year, nothing big. I distinctly remember being able to maneuver very well around people since I didn't have a cart. I don't recall trampling anyone, but I do hope that wasn't the reason I was to able to move around so well. I had wanted to make a trip this year to pick up the 1 GB USB drive and SD card but wasn't motivated enough to get myself out of bed.

Speaking of rioting and trampling, I've been reading through The Darwin Awards 4: Intelligent Design this week. The library has called me and let me know that a copy of State of Denial is waiting for me. Have I mentioned how much I love our library lately? If not, I do indeed love them.

It feels like so long since I've posted, and actually it has been. It's good to do so again.

Oh yeah, hey mineral777Adam, thanks for the links, music and stuff. You're a good man, man. Great, even.
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Because I KNOW all of you out there want to see what I watch late at night to force myself into slumber...I present the Appliance Direct dude in ready for iPod videos...if that doesn't suit you, the links on the right will open video up in a pop-up window. The guy's no Crazy Eddie from New York (it was Crazy Eddie wasn't it?), but hey, what can a Floridian do? Click here for Wakkie Nu Nu-ness.


I'm off to see what appliances I can't live without.
Sep. 6th, 2006 04:44 pm


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My inter-library loans came in today, there were four total. One was Michael J. Nelson's Movie MegaCheese and another The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide ('cause I need guidance). Just finished Michael J. Nelson's Mind Over Matters, it was okay and I did laugh at some of it.

Also picked up Barefoot Gen and Chicken Little on DVD.

Lastly, also got Marvel 1602 that I'd been waiting to read for some time now.

Dork update complete.
Aug. 28th, 2006 11:01 am


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Just spent $100.00 filling up both our cars, which we had intended to do anyway, but it still hurts.

We are, like the rest of our state, keeping an eye (and me with one raised eyebrow) on Ernesto.

Jon is doing well, taking his meds like a good boy. He has over the course of the weekend, head butted Rachel giving a nice goose egg AND head butted me busting my lip and causing much bleeding. Jon was not fazed by either event, though he was concerned about the blood. When he banged my lip up I don't believe he intended on doing that, but don't know if that's the same case with Rachel. I hope it isn't.

Am over 55% through getting season 5 of MST3K as AVI files. I did find a place via the official MST3K site that has DVD transfers of all episodes that aren't currently available commercially--some 154 episodes I believe. Anybody got a spare $499.99 lying around they don't have anything else to do with? Hmmm? Most likely not, I'm sure.

terranoelle14Terra is letting me borrow her Netflix copy of MST3K: The Wild World of Batwoman. I will probably be up late tonight trying to take it in.
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While I'd like to post my dungeon results, it seems it's borked for now.

So, as a result, I'll post what I saw as Jon and I sat in our car while waiting for Rachel to finish up in the mall. What seemed to be a normal crow was hopping around the cars in the parking lot. All of a sudden, the thing disappeared underneath a car parked nearby. It then jumped down, with what looked like a dragonfly tail in its mouth. Apparently, the bird hopped up and was picking out bug bits from the radiator coils in the front end of the car. It kept doing this until another shopper or car startled it and it flew off. Pretty cool.
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So yeah, I'm feeling a bit guilty about the fact that my father-in-law is currently mowing my lawn for Rachel and I. I definitely appreciate it, but at the same time feel badly about it.

He does a really good job about it though, MUCH better than I do.
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