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Feb. 29th, 2008 10:01 am

GN Netcom

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An odd question, I know, but has anyone ever used the GN 8110 USBxp with their GN Netcom headset?

The Logitech gaming headset I purchased a while ago for WoW is just weak. I can hear others and game sounds with no problem, but whenever I try voice chat it's a mess akin to my social experience in middle school--and in life in general.

Now, my work experience with the GN Netcom headset at work has been really, really good so I figured that would translate to VOIP on my PC, right? I would hope so.

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Since I settled into the office space where I've been for some time now, my coworker Jason and I usually entertain each other with either mom or that's what she said jokes.

Nothing, however, has been anywhere near as entertaining as the single red Comark ruler that we have used as a variety of different things. From weapons to thumbs up extenders, this red ruler has met and exceeded any entertainment that we'd have come up with ourselves.

In the last couple of weeks, someone else has donated another identical ruler to our cause.

Oh yeah!

I have also forgotten to mention how depressing some of the Christmas tunes have been to me. Some--not all, but some have just brought me down.

Good thing we have two rulers now, though.
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From a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Then there were the Marvel Super Hero Squad figures, followed up the figures released during the release of Spider-Man 3.

Now, just in time for Michael Bay's Transformers, there are Transformers Robot Heroes--though not all of them could be considered heroes. Perhaps they've been here the whole time, you know they are more than meets the eye and all.

I currently have Bumblebee and Soundwave posed on my desk--ready for battle.

I have to admit, I really, really wanted the Toys R Us Soundwave Generation 1 reissue. I just didn't want to shell out about $30.00 for it. It, yet again, brings up the annoying memories that my old G1 Transformers are long gone--the only ones I really wanted back were Jetfire and Bumblebee. I am a bitter person.

DISCLAIMER -- The contents of this post are not endorsed nor operated by Hasbro Inc nor its subsidiaries. The information and views expressed therein are solely those of the poster of this text and do not constitute 'advertising' of Hasbro® products.

DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER -- Not that I'd mind if it were endorsed, et cetera, though...
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