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May. 2nd, 2006 01:49 pm

Cover songs

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Just got my copy of Pylon Hits via Lala the other day. Because I know of them through my following of R.E.M. and their sizable influence on them and other artists ranging from Television to Talking Heads to the Ramones, I was suffice to say excited. So far, there have been a few tracks I know I'm going to love and then a few others that will probably require a few listens to form an opinion about.

In any case, as much as I'm enjoying Pylon, I have to say I really, really like R.E.M.'s treatment of Crazy quite a bit more than the original. Really though, I've grown up listening to the song as done by R.E.M. you know? Same thing goes for some of the songs that Morrissey has covered. Yes, I do like Bradford a bit, but Moz's version of Skin Storm is awesome, as his cover of The Jam's That's Entertainment. Just amazing.

Well, what about you folks?

[Poll #721194]
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A CNN articles asks the question after the abysmal B.O. showing of Basic Instinct 2 (but really was anyone surprised about that?). Some blame a new pseudo-McCarthy era, where there isn't a red scare per se, but a sex scare of sorts. Others blame the lack of any good material--which lots of people will most likely agree with. Still more people will point their fingers at the foreign market and lack of interest in movies of the genre--it was interesting to note that Zalman King is writing (has written) something called Nasty Girls Save the World...I'd link it, but can't seem to find anything on it. Oh well.


[Poll #703514]

Also, happy birthday [ profile] xforge! And yes, I too LOATHE this time change, but am getting out of my groggy state, and it's almost time to go home, w00t!
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I lay in bed at almost two in the morning today, suffering through yet another B-rated movie. At the very least, it makes some sense to share the horrendous nature of these champagne diamonds with you, kind and gentle LJ readers. So, it's time (for the second time within two days) again to poll you.

[Poll #696419]

Actually, regardless of the poll results, you just might suffer along with me anyway. Or, laziness might just set in and NOTHING will happen.

Polls are fun, anyway.
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The other day, while at the mall, a brown T-shirt with Count Chocula caught my eye--it's one of those old looking supposed to be super tight on an older girl shirts. Anyway. Directly behind it, was a pink Franken Berry T-shirt. So I showed them to Abby, to see which one she liked. They were only $6.00--really, could have bought them both.

[Poll #570376]

Oh, she ended up choosing Franken Berry, or Franken strawberry as she called him.
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[Poll #539173]
And he seemed a bit interested.
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[Poll #502718]
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I usually take a look at the bargain bins whenever I walk by EB. For quite some time, I've been taking a look at Dungeon Siege, which had Chris Taylor on its credits. The last game I bought was Sudden Strike II with the expansion for $3.99. Still haven't finished that one.

[Poll #476091]
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Rachel was getting some ice cubes out so we could both have some water, and I was reminded of someone that ALWAYS had their milk over ice. Still weirds me out to this day. . .

[Poll #475133]
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For all the horror and all sorts of other movies that I have watched in my thirty-two years of life, I have NEVER watched The Exorcist. Heck, I've even watched Terror in the Aisles and Pieces, for the sake of Pete! Funny, I remember sneaking to watch Alien when it made its network television premiere on ABC (at least, I think it was ABC) after my mother specifically forbade me from watching it--which was amazing really, she NEVER forbade me from watching all sorts of other craziness. Lot of good that did. And yes, I was TERRIFIED. Served me right.

I am reminded of this by Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments, which I'd watched before, but I can't pass up on horror.

[Poll #470401]
[Poll #470401]
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There's more room in a broken heart. . .

Sometime in my youth, I woke up and Heartburn was on, and Carly Simon's song was playing. I became a blubbering mess of a server monkey. Every time it queues up, I still get wistful--though I'm sure there are quite a few other songs that'll do the same thing, just not in the same way. So. . .

[Poll #468540]
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Yet another clear example that I'm just way TOO retentive--and have problems suspending disbelief.

On TV shows like CSI (any flavor), Crossing Jordan, etc. etc. it drives me NUTS when the doctors are gloved up and their phone rings and then they proceed to ANSWER THE PHONE WITH THEIR GLOVES ON! Now, yes, if all they're doing is handling some non-biohazardous materials, yes I can see that and that doesn't make a vein in my head twitch. But I've seen it after whatever character's handling a murder victim. So, with that, tell me.

[Poll #467510]

Hey, I've got to get some polls in, I pay for them.

P.S. I actually keep a couple of boxes of polyurethane gloves around the house for different tasks. Really.
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And I'm curious. . .oh yeah, inspired by [ profile] sunyata__'s post about 'em. . .

[Poll #464859]

So there.
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