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Jan. 25th, 2009

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  • 07:53 would like to see Sky High again after listening to Elefant's cover of The Smiths, but alas off to class. Well, already in class waiting #
  • 09:38 is on a quick break. When did the Mountain Dew label change to Mtn Dew? #
  • 13:26 is having some lunch, then home and probably some homework. Mmmmaybe #
  • 13:37 chose poorly. Ordering fish from a hot dog place was eh at best. Clearly insufficient to satiate my sushi craving #
  • 20:49 would really like The Watson Twins' cover of Just Like Heaven from Fringe. No idea how I even picked that out through the scene dialogue #
  • 20:56 finds it odd he had wondered what Trini Alvarado had been up to lately and sure enough, she shows up (albeit for too short a time) in Fringe #
  • 22:27 @gnatty OMG, I have been forgetting to get new songs in AC!! AUGH!! #
  • 23:21 can't believe he made it this late. Shutting down in 5...4...3...2....1 #
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I distinctly recall doing this meme at one point in time. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the cryptic post subject line I used to originally post this. As such, I will redo it and name it a bit better so that I can find it easier later.

There are some rules, but you know I'm just leaving those out 'cause well, just because.

So, here are 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me.

1. I am an only child.

2. As such, I have a number of neuroses that may or may not be hidden well.

3. My external persona hides my introversion quite well for the most part (though I could be wrong).

4. My Myers-Briggs result has been ISTJ every time I have taken it.

5. I think I use that as a crutch.

6. My relationship with my mother is, to put it as mildly as unscented baby soap, strained.

7. My relationship with my stepfather, however, is better.

8. I feel as if I am way too hard on my children.

9. I never would have imagined myself with two children.

10. I am extremely embarrassed of my middle name. Don't ask, we have a strained relationship too, thanks.

11. I am a HUGE Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan.

12. I over-analyze even the simplest things.

13. I have a hard time with currency that is not in order by denomination and serial number--yes, having change in my pocket makes me go all @_@

14. I have been a fan of Doctor Who for going on thirty years.

15. I can link myself to Kevin Bacon within two steps.

16. I have a phobia about germs.

17. I would love to live in Seattle, but I do not see that happening any time soon.

18. I have a very difficult time not being purposefully distant.

19. I have entirely too many songs on my iPod--about 10,000 give or take.

20. I am inherently a very boring person.

21. I am not adventurous in any way at all.

22. I was barely 17 when I graduated high school and was probably not quite psychologically ready for freshman year.

23. I love reading, but sometimes start books in the middle of reading others. It gets very confusing sometimes.

24. I taught myself how to ride a bicycle. It was a painful experience.

25. I often wonder how Rachel puts up with me. She is a saint.
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