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2014-04-03 10:52 pm

No New Tales to Tell

Actually, this is quite untrue. I've just been telling them in blurbs and snapshots. Really should take more time to write/journal.

Logged in to find hundreds of spam comments and only a few unfriends. Can't say I blame them, as there's been little to no content or activity here.
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2011-04-04 05:49 pm
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Things I haven't done in a LONG while...

Well, for one, it's actually post on my LJ. Twitter and Facebook have been my primary means of reaching to the outside world. Grad school's been monopolizing a good amount of my writing and reading time, not to mention trying to fit in real life and WoW and a bit o' Magic from time to time as well. Since I'm slow, I didn't realize there was an LJ app for the iPad--which is what I'm trying out right now.

Clearly, I need an iPhone as well, as I'm sure there's an app for it as well.

So, how have you all been? With hope, things are well.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPad.

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2010-06-27 12:03 am

A post! Yes, a post. On LJ, even.

It has been I don't know how long since I have decided to even try to post anything here. For the most part, I've been sticking to my tweets (since 140 characters still comes to me much more readily than something of substance--even minimal substance).

So, what inspired me to write? Well, someone genuinely surprised me. And by surprise, I don't mean throwing me an impromptu celebration to mark me getting another year older, or that I was the Publisher's Clearing House winner of secret fortunes that await me. No, it was something a bit simpler than that.

Rachel, Jon, Abby & I decided, perhaps unwisely, to brave the throngs of muggles that also chose to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last Friday. Clearly, we were nuts and it was okay because Universal was filled with nuts all around. So we fit in. Rachel went through the epitome of security that is the bag check line and I, not having any bags but the ones under my eyes, opted for the no bag line. While I was doing so, I chose the polite route and allowed a lady and her children to go in front of Jon & I. What I didn't expect was to have two guys barge in behind them and right in front of us. Now, I don't know their names but internally, I named them Mr. Clean and Little Mr. Clean as they were both shaved bald and had similar Mr. Clean-like builds. My first, and altogether childish I admit, reaction was to shove the buggy Jon was riding in forward quickly which, in turn, led to me clipping Mr. Clean and leaving him with an altogether uncomfortable feeling around his ankles. Not my finest moment, to be sure, and Clean and I exchanged looks not quite unlike Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef would have done in a Sergio Leone spaghetti western (whichever one, you pick!). Some under one's breath comments were made and the line kept moving.

Now, one of my least favorite things to do is allow something or someone like this to control me in the manner that it did. And control me, it did! It set off my morning to a pretty bad start. This, along with the wandering all about just to get in line to get to the WWoHP part of the theme park, just annoyed me to near Patrick Bateman levels of hysteria.

So we wait in our first queue, then get into our next queue for the Hogwart's ride (not too bad of a wait at 45 minutes) when whom do we see in the same line? Why it's Clean and Little Clean. Again we went with the looks. No comments at all--others in line, had they paid attention, may have wondered why we held looks at one another for so long. At some point, we pass side by side one another and Clean leans in closer to me and starts to speak. In my mind, I'm trying to run through different scenarios--as I am wont to do. While doing so, I'm only partially processing what Clean is saying to me. He looked at me again and said, "Hey man, I just wanted to apologize for how I acted and what I said earlier today."

Honestly, I just stood there with a big DUUUURRR look on my face. The line proceeded forward and we met up, again. At that point, I leaned in towards him and apologized for clipping him with a buggy. We shook hands and that was that.

That was pretty classy, in my opinion, for him to do that. We could have both gone the rest of the day stewing about it. Now, I won't lie and say that the goblins at the bank made a mistake and threw a good amount of Harry's fortune our way--and Butterbeer was nigh impossible to try and get (as were the wands)--but that small gesture did help change the tone of the day. So, for that, I would like to thank whomever it is that I've been calling Clean. He's alright, that guy.

We were disappointed to find out that we missed the cast of HP at The Cheesecake Factory by a week--kind of bummed about that, but c'est la vie.

Oh, and when the guy spoke, he sounded not quite unlike Vin Diesel--honest!
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2009-12-29 09:51 pm
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Well, just got back from a week up in western Pennsylvania and it was really quite amazing to have been up north for a "White Christmas"--more on this in a bit, though. As always, I have a few (maybe) observations to share.
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So, there you have it. All in all, a fun trip and quite educational to boot.
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2009-11-03 11:06 pm
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Where'd WHO go?

I honestly don't know how October totally flew past me and pretty much left me with the feeling that I gained an hour somehow.

Given the amount of activity I've had in just these first three days of November I suppose that months flying by me shouldn't be an altogether new feeling for me. To date, I've worked until about 8:00 p.m. on two of the first three days of November. Sunday was fairly leisurely and then, all of a sudden, it was 7:00 p.m. By rights, I should be completely exhausted but will end up forcing myself to go to sleep because tomorrow is shaping up to be just as busy--except I won't be working until 8:00 p.m. (but will do so on Thursday). Next week's already shaping up to be very similar to this week. Thankfully, a week off at the end of November will be a welcome respite (AND there WILL be some Magic played with family & friends).

Was quite pleased with the updated V. Having watched a bit of the original again over the weekend (thanks to SyFy), I was reminded how horribly dated the thing was. Don't get me wrong, I recall being on the edge of my seat when it was originally on. Not only that, but I spent an inordinate amount of time drawing quite a bit of the alien ships, symbols and such. It's quite easy to see why an updated version was introduced--given the state of things lately. Still, it's a BIG risk putting a sci-fi show on against the much more inexpensive to produce scripted-reality programming that's out there. If things don't go well, ABC could just make it a single season thing--much like quite a few BBC shows seem to be and very much in the fashion that ABC treated Life on Mars. Need to watch the original BBC one, to be sure. I understand the ending to it is infinitely better that what we got in the U.S.

The next show I'm looking forward to is The Prisoner. I know the original by reputation alone, so I won't have all the baggage that fans of the original series will be bringing along when watching the updated version.

Yes, I watch too much television.

Oh, and I don't care how many Christmas presents you throw out into the crowd, you're still creepy Max Shreck--I mean, Christopher Walken.
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2009-10-04 08:18 pm

Living the Stereotype

Well, perhaps I should have titled this entry NOT Living the Stereotype. Really, I've long tried to NOT fit in to whatever box another person tried to quantify me into.

Let me back up--so that you'll understand what the trigger for my brief (with hope) little entry is. There was some sort of Fall Festival in the downtown area of the not quite as smallish as it used to be town that I reside in. Rachel wanted to go, it was Saturday, so off we went. She was off to shop with the children for a bit while I took the car to fill its tires with air and then try to find a decent parking spot. So, my first interaction was running into a pair of small girls running a quarter lemonade stand with their mother. I politely declined their offer of lemonade, but promised to come back and buy some lemonade from them in a little while.

I figured Rachel would prefer to shop sans children, so I stopped and picked them up and went to see what's what. Immediately thereafter is when I was quickly reminded of what a non-metropolitan town it is that I make my residence in.

The next person I run into yells at me, "Hey! HEY! You speak English?!"

I ran through a gamut of emotions and scenarios within a split-second in my mind before responding with a smarmy, "Uh, YEAH!"

Now, I suppose that it's a valid question--not the question I would have led off with in order to introduce myself to someone else, but I guess they really wanted to know my weapon of choice when it comes to languages (and yes, English IS indeed my primary language--in case one happened to be curious about things such as this). Just a few days prior to this, yet another instance very similar to this occurred in Dillard's. It took about five minute's worth of conversation to get the salesperson to speak English to me. Seriously, they spoke to me in Spanish (fairly well, I will admit) and I replied in English every time. Once it got down to paying for the merch, then it was all English. Wouldn't you know it: I feigned a smile in each instance--though it's doubtful it was a very convincing smile.

I don't know, perhaps I'm stuck in a similar kind of mode that Richard Rodriguez found himself in Hunger of Memory...a kind of stranger in a strange land stuck trying to find his fit where he's at.

Now, I do admit that I embrace the nerdy gamer that I am wholeheartedly. This, however, is something that you may not be able to gather just by taking a look at me. Maybe you could--perhaps a random poll is in order?

I did eventually make it back to those two young girls and bought lemonade for Abby, Jon and myself (I DO like to keep my promises).

Neither the girls or their mother asked if I spoke English, so there is that right?
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2009-08-20 09:19 pm
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And now, films....

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. The First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag 15 friends, including me because I'm interested in what movies my friends choose.....

1. From Beyond
2. Brazil
3. Blade Runner
4. Never Say Never Again
5. Happiness
6. Videodrome
7. The Thing
8. The Gate
9. The Return of the Living Dead
10. Saving Private Ryan
11. My Life Without Me
12. The Sweet Hereafter
13. SLC Punk!
14. Suburbia (a.k.a. The Wild Side)
15. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
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2009-08-01 09:09 pm
Entry tags:


Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you’ve read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Copy the instructions into your own note, tag 15 friends, and be sure to tag the person who tagged you.

1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
2. The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein
3. Fly High, Fly Low - Don Freeman
4. Miss Nelson is Missing! - Harry G. Allard, Jr.
5. Pilgrim at Tinker Creek - Annie Dillard
6. Hunger of Memory - Richard Rodriguez
7. A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle
8. Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak
9. Blankets - Craig Thompson
10. Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America - Barbara Ehrenreich
11. Monster Island - David Wellington
12. Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk
13. Different Seasons - Stephen King
14. Bright Lights, Big City - Jay McInerney
15. American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis
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2009-07-22 10:47 pm

Things learned

It was very recently that my family and I took a trip to Amicalola Falls State Park in northern Georgia. Actually, now that I think on it that trip seems like long ago. One of the side effects of being on summer vacation is the way one perceives time. Anyway, that's not really my point. The point is that there were a few things I learned whilst on the trip. These things I now share with you--but, by all means, feel free to skip them (you probably already know what I'm just now discovering).
Follow M. Scott Peck, M.D.'s advice )
I'll stop myself at eleven points 'cause I can't think of 84 more right now and I certainly can't think of where I'd nail them to in order to give my weak points that extra *OOMPH!* so that someone will actually read them.
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2009-06-26 11:32 pm

"You're not a people person."

Without a doubt, I am sure that I have shared the story of that phrase and the fifth grader that, quite rightly, pointed that out to me. In an effort to get to know the students I worked with, I would have lunch with them from time to time. The conversations ran the gamut of subjects and tones, and sometimes it ran a bit like a conversation between John Candy's Uncle Buck and Jean Louisa Kelly's Tia, which is to say there wasn't much conversation at all. The first few times I did this, some of the kids were under the impression that they were in trouble--which struck me as very odd.

In any case, one student of mine looked me in the eye and she said, "You're not a people person." Which is really quite an astute observation from someone that hadn't spent more than a few weeks around me. Okay, for one that spends any amount time around me, this probably isn't all that surprising. My public (read: seemingly more affable and social) persona aside though, this emotionally distant person is really the core of who I am. Growing up an only in a single parent household, and having been expected to be self-reliant at a very early age contributed a LOT to me being the person that I am today. From the point that she said this about me, it became apparent that change was in order.

Change like this isn't something that comes easily--at least not for me. In fact, there are times when it doesn't seem worth the effort--which, of course, is totally not the case. I wouldn't trade any of the time I've spent getting to know others over the course of this past year for anything. Now, it definitely made things that much more difficult at the end of the school year. Never in my whole life would I have imagined myself getting attached to others. Clearly, this is bound to happen when you spend that much time with people. It reminded me that it's been much too long that my habit of creating a force bubble around myself--you know, as a self-defense mechanism. Someone from high school recently told me that we'd talked more on Twitter and Facebook in the last few months than in all of our time in middle and high school together. True story. My reticence knows no bounds! Imagine that, though, a use for both Twitter AND Facebook. Huh.

So, I sit and write just a little bit (okay a LOT of bits) of what goes through my head, in case I forget.

Thinking back on it, those thirty to forty minutes every once in a while were absolutely great, and I wish I could have had lunch with those kids that much more often. I'm certainly glad to be more aware of this while my own children are still young.

Odder still is that I put most of this together while Resident Evil: Extinction was on.
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2009-06-15 08:54 am


I carry my little black notebook around with me the majority of the time. It feels wrong to be without it, really.

My problem is that I use it more for work related things than the original purpose that I purchased it for: to jot down possible entry ideas, or something that was on my mind at the time. So much of the time, I get that Roy Batty "All those moments will be lost in tears in rain" feeling all the time. Of course, I myself have never seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, but you get the point.

Then I get to thinking more on it, and then think I'm so much more deliberate in my writing if I were to do this. Actually, that really shouldn't be a problem for me, because a lot of the time I really am deliberate in all that I do. I run through multiple scenarios in mind like test runs to gauge what I should say, do, or write.

Bah, over-thinking things kills me. I need to write that down in my little book.
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2009-05-08 11:01 am
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Friday Five - Recuperating

I missed last week because I was just too tired and, come to find out, sick to post a seven. So, here's this week's.

Matthew West - Sellout
Jimi Hendrix - Astro Man
Enigma - Mea Culpa
Hairstorm 84 - We're Not Gonna Take It
Mono - Where Am I
Ani DiFranco - Done Wrong
Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song

I remember the first Matthew West song I ever listened to: Something to Say. It was catchy, upbeat, snappy as Mr. White would say. This seems along the same lines. Snappy.

Listening to this makes me want to listen to Man or Astro Man's take on that one song from MST3K. Yeah.

My niece bought an Enigma CD a couple of years back. I didn't realize they were still together.

Hairstorm 84's cover of Twisted Sister is from an 80s hair band tribute compilation. Dee Snider and his band sure made some funny videos. Strangeland creeped me out a bit, though. Different beast altogether, of course.

I need to listen to some more Mono, and fire up the Great Expectations soundtrack again.

Ani is another one of those artists I'm familiar with, but only have listened to a little bit of. One day, I'll correct that.

My iPod really seems fixated on Led Zeppelin for some reason.
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2009-04-25 01:37 pm
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My Life in Song TItles via Jaman

Thank you Jaman for enabling me to further focus on what's truly important.

My Life in Song Titles!

Pick an artist, and using ONLY SONG TITLES from only that artist, cleverly (preferably) answer these questions. This is harder than it seems!

Artist of choice: R.E.M.

1. Are you a male or female: Hollow Man

2. Describe yourself: World Leader Pretend

3. How do you feel about yourself: Half a World Away

4. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: Sweetness Follows

5. Describe your current boy/girl situation: At My Most Beautiful

6. Describe your current location: Texarkana

7. Describe where you want to be: I Remember California

8. Your best friend: Electrolite

9. Your favorite color is: Electron Blue

10. You know that: It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

11. What's the weather like: Green Grow the Rushes

12. If your life was a television show what would it be called: Imitation of Life

13. What is life to you: It's a Free World Baby

14. What is the best advice you have to give: Find the River

15. If you could change your name what would it be: Wendell Gee
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2009-04-24 06:10 pm
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Friday Seven - Shirking Homework Edition

Bif Naked - Lucky
R.E.M. - Why Not Smile (Alternate Version)
Louis Armstrong - Gone Fishin'
Bad Religion - Suffer
Chevelle - Until You're Reformed
Franz Ferdinand - Come On Home
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travelin' Band

Bif Naked's Lucky makes me miss BtVS quite a bit. Has Bif done anything lately?

I need to reacquaint myself with R.E.M. again sometime. It's been a while.

Not one of my favorite Armstrongs songs, so there we are.

Just about all of the few Bad Religion songs I've listened to have been really quite good. Yes, I've liked this one as well.

Who is Chevelle? I believe this is from the Daredevil soundtrack. What a terrible movie, huh? Not quite Catwoman terrible, so more like bad bad bad and not bad BAD BAD.

My first memory of Franz Ferdinand was a music video Take Me Out using Star Wars characters. Classic! From an MTV2 show, I think.

Creedence. That about sums that up, no?
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2009-04-18 07:50 pm
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My Autobiography via [ profile] ijk

My Autobiography

Procedure: Fill this out in your own words and repost as, my autobiography. Tag at least 10 people (I, however, have chosen not to tag. I'm not forcing this on anyone).


1. Who took your profile picture? I did.

2. Where was your picture taken? In the car while waiting for something or someone.

3. Exactly what are you wearing right now? T-shirt and shorts.

4. What is your current problem? Finishing up online discussions and homework for class.

5. What makes you most happy? My family and the students I work with every school day.

6. What's the name of the song that you're listening to? None, but my internal soundtrack has Miley Cyrus' The Climb on repeat.

7. How old are you? Thirty-six.

8. When's your birthday? March 3rd

Would you like to know more? )
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2009-04-17 03:24 pm
Entry tags:

Friday Seven - An Edition

Another week has come and gone--at least I know I can get a few moments for a seven.

Blink-182 - First Date
Dave Matthews Band - Tripping Billies
Johnny Cash - You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (live)
Evanescence - Lacrymosa
Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
Ghoti Hook - Walking on Sunshine

Because I'm a fanboy, I have to admit that I am pretty much ecstatic at the possibility of seeing Blink live this summer--dependent on what's going on and all. A bill with them and Descendents would pretty much do it for me. Yup.

Sorry all of you, but DMB is one of those bands I'll take or leave. I did like the video for Everyday with Judah Friedlander. Is that okay?

Cash. That's pretty much 'nuff said, right?

Zeppelin, again what else can you say about them? I strongly resist the urge to play the very little bit of Stairway that I know all the time. It is a tough life.

Evanscence is one of those groups that I've liked what I've heard from, but have not listened to all too much of. Does that make sense?

Le sigh, what's Vanessa Carlton been up to lately? Last thing I remember her doing was that bit with Counting Crows' cover of Big Yellow Taxi. That's about it.

Okay, I've almost gotten into arguments about this Ghoti is NOT pronounced GO-TEE, but fish if one uses that language trick (the name of which escapes me right now). You know, gh sound from enough, short o sound and the ti sound from motion. I'm right, right? No? Whatev.
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2009-04-10 08:06 pm
Entry tags:

Friday Seven - Breaking in the new iPod Edition

Ended up biting the bullet and replaced my iPod that died. Good thing is double the capacity. Bad thing is losing my entire collection of MST3K in MP3 format. Could be worse, I suppose. That

Mandy Moore - Top of the World
The Killers - Somebody Told Me
Pearl Jam - Daughter
Orbital - Lush 3-1
Shakatak - Streetwalkin'
Foo Fighters - Breakout
Kelly Clarkson - You Found Me

Bah! Another song I don't believe I had backed up was Mandy Moore's duet with Michael Stipe from the Saved! soundtrack. God Only Knows, indeed!

I was late getting around to listening to the Killers. Mark another one where I missed the boat.

Violins? Violence? When Eddie Vedder and company released this song and album, it reminded me a bit of R.E.M.'s Green CD with the wordplay in it. So, yeah I liked it from then on.

Orbital keeps creeping into the queue a lot more than before. Odd, that.

Shaka what?

Dave Grohl is awesome, isn't he? Plus, he's the FRESH Fighter, too so that's a plus.

Wow, and here we are to another of my ever-growing list of guilty pleasures. Kelly ClarkSON! indeed.
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2009-04-05 04:18 pm

Please stand by...

Rethinking what in the world I am doing with this thing.

Will be pulling a MacArthur with this at some point--I am just not sure when and am not sure why I've let this poor journal head off in such a drastically different direction.

That said, now I'm reminded of an old song by Railway Children that I will have to try and dig up again (due to the great iPod loss of 2009). Ah, of course I can't find the lyrics to it. The song was called Consider, and it seemed rather fitting.
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2009-04-05 03:30 am

Previously on Server Monkey's Daily Twitterings

  • 09:07 just got pushed under the bus by @butcherbandanna in class. Didn't even hear it coming. Thanks! #
  • 13:20 @hAMBERguesas Wow, what does your iPhone do for you? :D #
  • 13:21 @hAMBERguesas w00t for Firefox <3! #
  • 13:22 @mileycyrus In Tweetdeck there are simple buttons to reply, retweet, etc. On the Twitter site, click the left arrow #
  • 13:22 @hAMBERguesas Not right now, but I can be. You on? #
  • 13:24 @hAMBERguesas K, I'm on, but it's weird. Am getting a chat room full error. But, I am on. :D #
  • 13:55 has managed to survive class this weekend. Am really enjoying having music on the iPod again! Going cold turkey after 5+ years is TOUGH! #
  • 13:57 @hAMBERguesas Yeah, until iPhones cook dinner and/or get a 120 GB capacity I am going to pass on 'em...for now. #
  • 13:59 @mickanger Amen to that brother! #
  • 13:59 @Landru66 Hey, me too! Sweeeet! #
  • 14:01 @rance That monkey gets me every time! Also that Rock 'n' Roll Martian song... @_@ #
  • 14:02 @cluv I wonder how much Nick's chin influenced the design for Peter Griffin. Hm, best not to think on it too much. #
  • 14:09 @markhoppus Hey, if that happened at least you've met your annual spider ingestion quota. #
  • 14:11 @hamberguesas - More points for it, if it had been a liger. #
  • 14:13 @ladiesgaming Twitpic it for opinions? #
  • 14:16 @levarburton That. Is. AWESOME! #
  • 14:18 @neonbubble Ah bummer! There isn't a RIffTrax for it yet. #
  • 14:22 @hAMBERguesas ZOMG, Scene It?! My family refuses to play that with me 'cause I can lap them on the board. Or they're just really bad at it. #
  • 14:26 @hAMBERguesas Sure don't played it on borrowed family one and the normal board game one. They will be in today, not sure if they brought it. #
  • 14:30 @hAMBERguesas An hour seems like forever! Seen this yet? #
  • 14:33 @neonbubble tru.dat Enjoy! Well, riffing it at least! #
  • 14:36 @hAMBERguesas Sweet. Well, I'm out to enjoy some of the day. Will probably try to watch some more MST3K later. #
  • 14:38 thought he was going out for a bit, but was mistaken. I do, however, believe that sushi is on the menu for this evening. Life is good. #
  • 14:40 @poetmom I would agree. Being a cat that could operate a remote control would be a bonus for me. #
  • 14:41 @hAMBERguesas Haven't braved making my own. Can make the rice though. So, heading out here in a bit: #
  • 14:47 @gnatty I have named it iPod Therefore iAm (and yup, I picked black). Have to TwitPic it some time. Also, have added 2 Lady Gaga songs! :D #
  • 14:53 @LindseySchaal Wow. I have no words where normally I would have so many. #
  • 14:56 @LindseySchaal Craiglslist is such a great source of entertainment. Had forgotten how useful it was for that. :D #
  • 14:59 @LindseySchaal He's very specific about his roses? Or learned English from the cast of, Werewolf. #
  • 15:01 @hAMBERguesas 'Cause they can find your address on Tweetie/Twitterfon? I do wish that the non-MST3K bots would not follow me. :\ #
  • 15:06 @hAMBERguesas it possible to be both, though? Those terms seem to be mutually exclusive, no? #
  • 15:10 @hAMBERguesas You FTW! But you're in a class all your own with your MST3K and Xbox <3 and all. :D #
  • 15:11 @LindseySchaal NSFW and life, really. I would be curious to see how many responses he got. #
  • 15:13 @hAMBERguesas That's good policy. But I get drawn to the celebrity ones for some odd reason. Ok, heading out to feed now. Later! #
  • 16:55 - is enjoying dessert. No sushi though. D: #
  • 18:51 @gnatty LOL! You & Lady Gaga FTW! #
  • 18:56 @gnatty Sadly, the 160 GB models were disco'd a while back. So, 120 GB will do. I really liked my time with an old Zen too. Great player! #
  • 18:57 @hAMBERguesas It was pretty good, but I am still craving sushi. I will have to reschedule a sushi rendezvous soon. #
  • 18:58 @poetmom IKR??!! Oh yeah, being able to operate a desktop/laptop would be handy as well. #
  • 19:07 @hAMBERguesas IKR??! JS, FWIW. I C WHT U mean...ok, ouch my brain hurts now. #
  • 19:10 @markhoppus You just described most of my life--except replace iPhone with a book. People don't get someone that doesn't know sports. #
  • 19:11 @hAMBERguesas You've gotten me to read Spanish again. I need to practice doing so. #
  • 19:12 @hAMBERguesas CRAZEE like Prince partying down like it's 1999? #
  • 19:17 @legalhooker Yeah, that was a major bummer. Come, join us at #
  • 19:29 @legalhooker I think so--I read about a cease and desist regarding. The link I provided is up and showing a Hercules MST3K episode right now #
  • 19:31 @jagbella Well, it IS Belladonna after all. #
  • 19:45 @jimmyfallon If only they realized the power of twitter. FAIL on their part! #
  • 20:09 @kitanaor Mmmm! I think Morrissey would secretly agree with this. :D #
  • 21:37 @gnatty Not sure, but I was :( about it. #
  • 21:44 @janalynn99 Say what? Where does 42 as the answer fit in though? Or does it not? #
  • 22:01 @hAMBERguesas Whoa, he cyber-hugged you? .: bows :. #
  • 22:04 @hAMBERguesas Well, in my mind it IS him. So, there we are. Yes, I am simple. #
  • 22:12 @hAMBERguesas Bowing like Mike and the 'bots during MST3K: The Movie! (and doing Servo's chant too) :D #
  • 22:17 @hAMBERguesas Cool. I have yet to achieve Expert skills. Medium and some Hard but that's about it. I have RB envy. D: #
  • 22:45 @hamberguesas - Ah. Where the magic happens? Or something. #
  • 23:11 @rance Come on over to right now it's Clue, but most of the time it's MST3K. #
  • 23:37 @hAMBERguesas I have somehow managed to teach my users to reboot first, then see if their problem is resolved. Not sure how I did that. #
  • 23:51 @hAMBERguesas SO annoying! Want me to kneecap 'em anonymously for you? #
  • 00:34 thinks it's time to call it a night when his eyes start seeing things that could not possibly be (kind of like in Videodrome). Trippy man! #
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