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Well, just got back from a week up in western Pennsylvania and it was really quite amazing to have been up north for a "White Christmas"--more on this in a bit, though. As always, I have a few (maybe) observations to share.
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So, there you have it. All in all, a fun trip and quite educational to boot.
Jan. 20th, 2009 08:56 pm


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Is not something that I could ever honestly say that I have been. Ever.

As far back as I can remember, I made no real concerted effort at anything really. This is actually very much against a typical only child personality--from what little bits and pieces I've read about birth order factors. Go me, not wanting to live the stereotype. Woo! I mean, I have a strong sense of duty, to be sure and I am very much a stick with the traditions type of personality--so I'm not totally going against my supposed type. Mine is a fine example of a dichotomy in a large number of ways.

Anyway, I've found myself being (perhaps unnecessarily) exceptionally hard on both Abby and Jon. I have to step back, sometimes with prompting, as to why in the world I am that way with them. Perhaps it's a normal parent thing, it certainly isn't me per se. It's not something that I feel came from my mother or step-father. They were many things, but type A personalities was not one of them.

At work, I expect the best from the kids I work with--though I would like to think that I'm not as hard on them as I am with my own.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be going with our E Team (Economics Team) and their coach to their first competition. I'm nervous for them and wonder if I've run them through enough drills. We'll see how they do and what we need to work on. I can't wait! If one had told me a year ago that this is what I'd be doing, I'd not have believed them. In fact, hearty laughter may have ensued. My life is a good life.
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While Abby and I were out fighting my way through Wal-Mart tonight, Jon discovered a cache of lollipops that Rachel had somewhere in the house. Rachel went for them in order to find a better, more secret place for them.

Jon very helpfully offered, "No, no. I hide them from me."

He then grabbed his propeller cap, hid the lollipops and took off.
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The Pieces of Flair Facebook app has truly invaded my family.

Rachel was going through hers and told me that her mother had sent her a piece of flair. Ok, cool. Then Rachel continues to say that the flair is an actual picture of her mom and that she called a bit after sending it to make sure that it was posted on Rachel's profile.

My mother, on the other hand, will never send me a piece of flair with her picture on it. I even tried providing a PC for them to do so. It got b0rked after two weeks of use and unnecessary file deletions. I haven't even powered it up to see what the true issues were, but there we are.

Also, the SkateIt game for Wii looks like something I'd like--though I feel badly for the half crab boy in the commercial.
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Rachel likes to keep neat and organized TiVo lists. After her shopping excursion today, she came home tonight and was going through the list and deleting programs that have been watched, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

She got to Batman: The Brave and the Bold and asked, "Did you watch these already?" I told her that we did not, but Abby, Jon and I did watch all of The Brotherhood.

She was not amused.

This entry took me a bit longer to type as I was riveted to the opening segment of Fringe.
Nov. 25th, 2008 09:44 am


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Abby and Jon have gotten to the point where they argue about different things from time to time. It will be interesting to see both of them as they get older.

Case in point: we were driving to get out of the house and pick up some dinner and such yesterday. Between conversations between Rachel and I, music from the iPod and general ruckus from the kids in the back Jon piped up to get our attention.

"People! People!"

Abby gave him a strange look and told him, "Mommy and Daddy have names, we're not people!" She stopped for a moment and kept on talking, "Well, we all are people but we all have names. It's rude to call them people because they have names. So don't call them people."

Jon kept his side of the argument brief, retorting with a raspberry and continuing, "People!"
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The elementary school where I work has words painted on the sidewalks going from class to class. I don't recall anything like this when I was in my various elementary schools. Anyway, there is a bit of an odd subliminal message in a particular series of the words. They are painted as follows: marriage, lose, interest. Just seemed a little odd to me, how about you?

Abby is seven years old today. I have had a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around that. It just seems like yesterday that she was born and I cannot imagine life without her or Jonothan.

Rachel and I bought Abby a fairly large stuffed horse as a gift and the best hiding place we had was the trunk of her car. Since buying the horse, I have continually referred to it as our message from Don Corleone (despite being a full horse and not just its head). There was a bit of debate as to how to give Abby her horse. We ended up actually putting it in bed with her very much like the delivery to Jack Woltz in The Godfather--minus the gore, of course. The girl LOVED the thing. She came in to wake us riding Butterscotch, as she now calls it, and enjoying it much as we expected her to. This evening before dinner Butterscotch had some sort of medical emergency, to which Abby broke out the kiddie doctor set I haven't seen in months. Life is good.
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All of our family has a three day weekend--woo hoo!

So--after all of us got showered, dressed and in the car--Jon asks, "What we doing today?"

To which I answer, "That's all up to the boss...and who's the boss?"

Both Abby and Jon pointed at mommy, but I said, "No, no. Tony Danza's the boss."

Both my children found this pretty funny for some reason that I'm not really sure about--even though Rachel really only managed a half-hearted smirk and head shake at me.

After about a minute, Jon asked, "Who Tony Dans?"

Honestly, though Mona really was the boss, wasn't she?

And, as it turns out, I ended up coming home to work on homework and meet an appraiser. Woo.
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He's actually not as unhappy as he looks in this image.

Jon ran the gamut of facial expressions and I happened to catch this one the clearest.

Silly boy.
Sep. 1st, 2008 01:40 pm


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A while back, I felt compelled to share one of Abby's words.

In the past couple of days, Abby has introduced a few new Abby-isms to Rachel and I. So now, I share them with you:

  • Dandrew - When we initially heard Abby mention Dandrew, we thought that it might perhaps have been a school friend, or someone she met recently. When we asked her to elaborate, she told us that she needed to take care of her she wouldn't get dandrew.

  • Droove - This one made a bit more sense upon first hearing it. Abby said, "Daddy droove us all around today."

  • Skullup - It took a couple of different tries to figure out what Abby was trying to let us know here. We had bought a Go Diego Go! Ty beanie baby for Jon and sure enough, Rachel and I immediately focused on the poor thing's lack of hair in one spot (which in turn reminds me of MST3K's Time Chasers, "You've got male...pattern baldness!"). Anyway, Abby noticed it too and told us she could see his skullup. This term would go hand in hand with dandrew, of course.
Dec. 4th, 2007 11:00 am


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Love Date: What Abby now refers to a night out that involves only Rachel and I...she emphasizes love as loooooove!

She's so funny.
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That one day I would have two children. Following along with that thought, that they would sing, "Hey! Ho! Let's GO!" from the back seat.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart has been another one they've enjoyed singing along with lately. I blame Ella Enchanted for that one--though the original version is a song I very clearly remember listening to whilst still living in New York so long ago.
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Rachel and I panicked this morning when neither knew where Ms. Kitty had gotten to. She typically will wake us early to feed her.

So we took her bag of food out, shook it a bit--which usually brings her running--and nothing.

Rachel then remembered that she had taken the garbage out into the garage last night and sure enough, Ms. Kitty bolted into the house. She ran to her litter box, took care of business and then proceeded to greet and rub on all of us as if she hadn't seen us in weeks. Then she ate.

In other news, Abby managed to get a hold of eyebrow trimmers that were in the medicine cabinet this morning and shaved nearly half of her eyebrows off. It was odd to me that Abby was being really slow at getting dressed this morning.

Her school pictures are set to be taken next week.
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So after a recent post about our trusty Kia deciding to drop us none too subtle hints that it was on the way out of commission, Rachel and I decided to take a look around at some vehicles.

Monday evening we looked around, test drove two cars, and ended up deciding on a vehicle as well as filled out preliminary paperwork.

Tuesday afternoon, all of our paperwork was done and we signed everything that night.

So we now own, so to speak, a 2008 Ford Taurus, or as I like to tease Rachel our first steps into getting a Crown Vic. Hey, I might get Paulie Walnuts wings sometime, so...

We didn't get it in dark blue, but in a gold/champagne color.

Abby's still in mourning that we traded our mini-van in--and that was more than a year ago!
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Nothing speaking of grandma's authentic chocolate milk goodness like Nestle® Chocolate Abuelita®--or, as I like to think of it, Euphegenia Doubtfire's chocolate syrup.

I felt compelled to buy a bottle of the syrup just because of the picture on it.

I wonder if anyone else has felt the same way.
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Since I pretty much just ranted yesterday, I figured I'd follow up this morning by saying that today was entirely different experience.

I did not have togo to the main office, of course.

What's this new trend of destroying wedding dresses? MJ has done a twenty minute bit on it and I'd not heard about it--not that I really keep up with trends or anything.
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Doesn't mean I want to be talked down to, and really I have to say this is probably more a situation of me stressing and then adding more stress to it.

See, what happened this morning was that Jon and I were ready to head out to his first day of VPK. A quick aside, Abby will be at the same school that Rachel has started teaching this year.

So, Jon and I get to his room to find out we'll have to head to the office to fill out some registration paperwork. No big deal, but I distinctly remember doing this several months ago.

We walk across campus and walk into the cacophony that was the front office. Okay, I'll just follow the lead of the other parents who were sent up for the same express purpose. An office staff person proceeds to assist another VPK parent, so I politely tap her on her shoulder and ask--in what can be very clearly construed as English--"Excuse me ma'am, I'm also here with my son about VPK and need to fill out paperwork?"

She looks at me as if my head has transformed into a manifestation of Cthulhu itself and then begins a machine gun rattling off of commands to me. In Spanish. I mentally, if not physically, begin to twitch and very sternly--heck, I'm absolutely SURE I was rude--bark at her, "In ENGLISH!"

She paused for a moment and then kept speaking to me--in essence telling me that Jon is not on the list and I'll have to wait.

Minutes later, I run into the liaison that helped get us set up a long while ago at school (she too is puzzled because, see, we've filled out papers all the way back in oh, say, January) and another person calls out Jon's name. Jon's folder has been found and it is missing a proof of residence. While I am reading what forms of proof are acceptable and whipping out my wallet, said person yells, "It can't be a Driver's LICENSE!" To which I reply, "I know! I am getting my VOTER REGISTRATION CARD!"

What, people don't walk around with those in their wallets?

So, proof has been provided and we're told we are good to go.

I have to say, that experience didn't do a lot to set me at ease for Jon's first day of school. He did very well though, according to his teachers.

P.S. -- he's home telling Rachel, "I LOVE mah teachers!"
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I'm off to Wal-Mart for supplies, since Rachel and the sun combined don't tan in as much as they burn--even with the SPF protection she had. It must have run out, I suppose

Abby and Jon tanned for the most part.
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Abby has spent the majority of this week in Jacksonville with her Uncle Dean, Aunt Stacey and cousin Allie. Our niece Lindsey that lives nearby also went up to JAX.

There have been phone calls almost every day to say hi and keep us informed on what's been going on.

Allie just sent me a MySpace message on behalf of Abby. It was cute and I figured I'd share. So there.
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I can't believe I totally forgot to mention that Rachel, Abby, Jon and I (along with Rachel's parents) got to see "Weird Al" at Cypress Gardens last Sunday night.

Sadly, we only stayed for just over an hour of his show, but I had never seen him in concert, so I was pretty happy nonetheless.
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